Calming Tips & Tricks for Kids

Do you have kids that are sensory prone, tactile seekers/defenders. We have found some useful articles online to hopefully understand and work with your child(ren) a little easier. Each one entails different calming tips and tricks help you in ways you may not have already thought.

First, we start off with children who are more affected by the touches, sights, sounds, smells and movements of everyday life. The six calming techniques this article gives are as listed. Each strategy is very insightful and beneficial on how to neutralize the onslaught of an overstimulated mind.

1. HugOver responders

2. Move

3. Swing

4. Look

5. Listen

6. Touch




Next we visit “tactile defenders, seekers and tactile play”. Tactile senses are the 5 classic senses that use and experience in our every day life.  Our tactile sense runs over every square inch of skin we have and sends messages to our brain nearly constantly about what we are feeling. There are higher concentrations of receptors in our hands, feet, and mouth. When our tactile senses are not working fully, we may unknowing go into tactile defensive mode. Toe walking, only wearing certain clothes, jumpy/sensitive to touches, and disliking textures of food are a few listed. But, there is one technique out there, that may eliminate some or all of the tactile defensiveness a child may be showing. A method called The Wilbarger Brushing Protocol is one we use here at TherapyWorks and is a proven method. Read this insightful article and see how such techniques and calming tricks can improve your child’s life.

The Secrets of the Mighty Tactile Sense Revealed


Thirdly we look at Toys for Autistic kids in the age range of 8-12. Fun & Function has plenty of products for the 8 years olds starting with “chewies”. They offer a variety such as Tie Dye, Rock, Clear or Shark & Dolphin Chewies. All can be worn as a necklace for easy access. When it comes to tossing things, balancing, and being on the go, they’ve got you covered! Click on the link below. Now for the 12 year old kids, we look at a few different options. The “chewy necklace” still applies here as well, but other items such as a tire swing, stretch-denim vest with weights, a teen break box and a cool blow up canoe offer remedies and fun ways to help your child. Read up on these toys and how they provide the help needed by clicking on the photo below. 
12yr old with autism
toys for autistic 8yr olds










Lastly, we check out some hands on activities to help improve those fine motor skills!

activities for fine motor skills