Yash Chindaliya

Yash photos spotlight


Yash has been seen in OT for the past 4 years to address delays related to his diagnoses of Dandy-Walker Syndrome and Autism. Michelle Nobles, OTR/L, M/A, Yash’s Occupational Therapist has been addressing delays in sensory processing and modulation, fine motor skills, strength, play skills, access to play, self-care skills, behaviors and oral motor skills. Limitations in these areas have greatly impacted Yash’s ability to engage in play, independence with dressing, brushing teeth and self-feeding. Since working with Yash, he has made great progress in his sensory sensitivities, allowing for him to better engage with foods for self-feeding, tolerance to touch from others to allow for help from others, and tolerance for brushing teeth and receiving haircuts. His strength and motor skills continue to improve, allowing him to have more access to play. The biggest challenge Yash has overcome has been motivation to adult directed tasks, since this has allowed him to improve his skills in all areas. Another large challenge that Yash has overcome has been his ability to self-feed and overall interest in food.

Yash’s Mom:

“Michelle sees Yash’s potential and pushes him hard to achieve his goals. She is constant in getting through to him and fun when she needs to be in order to help him achieve his goals. Understanding his needs, strengths and weaknesses to get the best out of him has been a beautiful thing to see progress over the years. Yash wouldn’t be where he is without her. Michelle is the best OT! The last 4 years have been really great for us.”